Sunday, September 11, 2011



The Scourge Sisters take an epic duel with this silly dance game for humans.

Vriska Serket - (me) anniilaugh
Terezi Pyrope - ninzo
God Tier John - lurkkija
Karkat - cndii

OUR FR13NDLY R1V4LRY 1N 1T’S BLOOM! (oh I love you for making the video so beautyful and epic :DD)

 FATALITY. I love it how Vriska just can’t stop bitching about the game!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

John: Lurkkija // Jade: Aimeld // Dave: Oranges-Lemons // Terezi: Cndii // Eridan: Caspiainen // Karkat (also next day as Gamzee): BlasticHeart

Photos by Anniina85 and Anu

ABUHBUH Anime/Finncon was so much fun SOB

One girl asked me for a hug and I almost cried BOOHOO!! I’m going to make upgrades to my costume for Tracon in Tampere, 3.-4.9. There’s a bunch of people coming to cosplay Homestuck there. Like, maybe 10!